Three Ways to Gift Yourself Peace of Mind This Christmas

We know seasons change, as do our moods. We like to be outdoors when it’s sunny, and as the temperatures grow cold, we don’t mind spending cozy days inside. Even if where you live doesn’t look like winter, these last couple of years has kept us more isolated than we experienced before. A new year relatively and figuratively brings on a different season, and we share a few ways to stay peaceful in it.

Choose You— No, really, choose you. Tell others; You are taking time to make sure you are good down to scheduling and keeping doctor’s appointments (checkups), taking time for yourself, which, if surrounded by loved ones, they should understand the space you need to refuel so that your mental health is peaceful.    

Write it out— We’re not talking about writing a book, but if you want, go for it, but we say write your dreams on a slip of paper, sticky note, vision board, or journal what you want. In due time, you will see your dreams come to life. Knowing what your purpose is, feeds into a healthy and peaceful mindset. 

Protect your surroundings— Toxic people or environments are never a good thing and increase stress levels in the best of us. Move away from that energy when someone doesn’t regard your mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual health and only invite people into your space to add to how you already love yourself.  

Stay well, everyone.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of D.A.P.

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