John Marshall Jones_BSM Magazine_May-June 2020
How are you and your family doing during the Coronavirus quarantine?
We’re doing fine and staying close to home. In a way, it’s given us a chance to reconnect emotionally. Everyone was so busy that we were getting out of touch. Thankfully, everyone is healthy.
When did you discover your passion for acting?
When I was at Northwestern University, I was about to drop out of school when another student asked me to audition for “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!” It was the most fun I’d ever had. I booked t he role of “Schroeder” and never looked back.
You starred in”The Morning Show”opposite Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell. What was it like working with the other actors?
Most of my work was with Reese Witherspoon, who was amazing. We see her as a star, but she’s also a mom. Very down to earth. We talked a lot about our families and our hopes for them. Then the lights came on, and we got after it! It was a lot of fun.
Among the many roles you’ve played, which one have you identified with the most?
I loved the role of Floyd Henderson on “Smart Guy”. It made it cool for a whole generation of young black men to be smart. I meet them every day because they are adults now. It truly had an impact.
What has been the most rewarding moment in your career?
It was winning the Audelco Award for Best Actor. The Audelco is the “Black Tony Awards” in New York, the pinnacle of American theater. Denzel Washington has an Audelco. Morgan Freeman has an Audelco. So I’m in pretty good company.
What has been the most challenging role you had to prepare for?
The role of Terrance Haggard in the multiple award-winning play, “The Guest at Central Park West.”
How does your theatre experience influence your career?
I LOVE theater. It’s so pure. The discovery process is something you do as a team, and when you find it, the truth of the scene, there’s no other feeling like it.

Without giving too much away, what projects can we expect to see from you soon?

Well, right now, I’m starring on “Paradise Lost” (Spectrum), “50 States of Fright” (Quibi),and “For All Mankind” (season 2) on APPLE TV+.
What inspired you to create Kappa League TV?
Kappa League is the official national service project of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. It is the oldest and most successful African American male mentorship program in U.S. history. I started Kappa League TV to let the world know that we are here and moving forward with providing mentorship opportunities for young men all across the world. For more information visit KappaLeague.TV or follow us on Instagram.


By Tatiana Battle
Photo credit: Jesse Goddard