The Cast Of "Insecure" Talk Final Season

HBO’s popular series “Insecure” is airing its fifth and final season and the cast got together to discuss how they feel about the show’s end and what fans can expect from it.

Writer and cast member of “Insecure” Issa Rae, opened up about her show in a recent interview with Tamron Hall. What started as a web series boomed into a highly popular and beloved show.

When asked why season five was where the show ended, Rae said, “I knew since season one that I wanted to end the show.”

“Prentice and I talked about it from the jump. Five seasons to tell a concise story without dragging it out felt right to me just on a creative level and knowing where I wanted to take these characters it felt like enough time,” said Rae.

Fans were invited to watch parties to re-watch seasons one through four before the final season premiered and Rae said, “it was emotional, it felt nostalgic.”

“I got to watch people love something I made,” said Rae. “That was a surreal feeling.”

Rae admitted that if it weren’t for the internet, she doesn’t think her show would have made it as far as it did.

“I tried to do it the traditional way,” said Rae. “It’s honestly hard to break into this industry and the internet leveled the playing field for me because I could get the same eyeballs from people who were watching television shows and who were heralding the misadventures of awkward black girl and making it feel like a television experience.”

After a one on one talk with Hall, Rae’s castmates Yvonne Orji and Kendrick Sampson joined via video call to give their take on season five.

When asked about the emotions felt once the show ended, Orji said, “I cried the whole final episode, so I told Issa after the table read, I was like ‘Yo, you sent us out very well and I appreciate the heck out of you.’ She wrote an amazing finale.”

Hall then asked Sampson what he would miss about the show.

“I hope I don’t have to miss it but you know, just working with a bunch of black creatives and PAs and people,” said Sampson. “The writer’s room all the way through, it just was a beautiful magical experience,” he added.

Rae told Hall she doesn’t plan on continuing the show or ever making it into any type of movie.

“I’m proud of every part of the show, so I’ll leave it at that,” she said.


Fans can watch “Insecure” Sundays on HBO.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of HBO