Singer Demi Lovato Shares Her Recent 'Accidental' Weight Loss

‘Diet culture’ has become an issue that plagues both men and women, more specifically, young millennials.

Singer and actress Demi Lovato recently took to Instagram about her struggles and rejoices about her recent weight-loss without succumbing to the pressures of diet culture.

The term came about as a result of the growing social media industry and the need to appear ‘perfect’ or ‘fit’ on social platforms. This happens when models or endorsers are advertising products to make you smaller, leaner, or curvier while posting pictures with certain poses to insinuate that if you use said product, you could look like them and increase your number of ‘followers’.

Lovato took to Instagram and told her fans, “Accidentally lost weight,” on Monday. “I don’t count calories anymore, I don’t over exercise anymore. I don’t restrict or purge. And I especially I don’t live my life accordingly to the diet culture.. and I’ve actually lost weight.”

Many young people struggle with their self-image, and social platforms can often times influence their self-judgement and esteem.

When people see inspiring posts such as the one Lovato shared, it gives them hope that they do not have to succumb to diet culture in order to be healthy or increase their amounts of followers and likes.

Congratulations to Demi Lovato on her journey, and to any reader that struggles with their self-image, you are doing a great job and you are perfect the way you are.

Photo Credit: CNN

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