3 Ways Will Smith Motivates His Fans

Will Smith always seems like the positive and funny man his fans have loved for years. He’s optimistic take on life, love and family keeps him closely connected to a world-first introduced to him through music turned movie star. Today, he turns 51, and we’re celebrating three ways he motivates.


Live Life — Whether he’s skydiving, swimming with sharks or racing a Formula 1 car in Abu Dhabi, Smith lives life like it’s his last time. His adventures (bucket list items) are often documented on his Instagram page which has amassed a following of 37.6 million who can’t get enough of the actor hilarious moments.

Family man — He’s quoted as saying, “There is nothing Jada can do that will make me divorce her.” Strong words from someone whose job in an industry where infidelity is ever-present, but Smith and his wife have never shied away from the complexities of their marriage. Often taking apart and redefining their union to make it even stronger. From piggyback rides, remember the recent image of Smith carrying his wife on his back, to his support of his wife and children on any level. Smith is there for his family today, tomorrow and forever.

Words of Wisdom — Smith has certainly evolved from the teenage rapper who sang, “Parent’s Just Don’t Understand,” and the first hip hop artist to win a Grammy. Since that time, Smith has gone on to use his platform as an actor to motivate people’s willingness to succeed in anything they set their minds to accomplish. His “I can do it” spirit resonates through his work, personality, and words. Come across any post of Smith, and you will both laugh and find inspiration from a man who’s one of many sayings reads: “Don’t chase people. Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard. The right people – the ones who really belong in your life – will come to you. And stay.” – Will Smith

Happy Birthday, Will Smith!



By La Trisha and La Tasha “Twins of Media”

Feature photo: AFP / Tolga Akmen