Sherri Shepherd "I Appreciate Kim Coles"

Sherri Shepherd welcomed guest Kim Coles on her show, Sherri, this week, but before the comedian and actress joined the host, Shepherd shared with her audience how they met during her opening monologue.

“One of my very first tv appearances was on “Living Single,” says Shepherd. The 90’s sitcom also starred Kim Fields, Erika Alexander, Terrence C. Carson, John Henton, and Queen Latifah. Shepherd got emotional telling the story of how she used to catch the bus to watch the show. “I was a struggling comic, and I booked a job as a struggling comic on Living Single, and when I tell you, the entire cast was so nice to me. Kim Coles took an interest in me. The co-host of the Two Funny Mamas podcast continued, “When you’re starring in your first gig, and you don’t know anybody, it’s not like you’re a big name, and it means so much when somebody comes and takes an interest in you. I appreciate Kim Coles because she does not know what the impact was when she was nice to me,” ‘Thank you,’ said a tearful Shepherd. 



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