Selena Gomez Aims to Help Others With Their Mental Health

Selena Gomez has made a name for herself through her music, acting, and cosmetics line, but her newest endeavor aims to help others with their mental health.

Gomez has always been open about her mental health struggles with her fans, and now she is launching a multimedia platform that aims to destigmatize the topic of mental health.

She is launching the platform named Wondermind along with her mother Mandy Teefey and entrepreneur Daniella Pierson.

“I really really want people to be understood and seen and heard. It’s okay to not be okay,” said Gomez during an interview with Good Morning America.

The multimedia platform will provide expert-backed content as well as free resources for those seeking help with their mental health.

“If I’m known for anything I hope it’s simply just for the way I care about people,” said Gomez.

All three co-founders of Wondermind have been open about their own mental health struggles and disorders.

Gomez shared her bipolar disorder diagnosis with her fans in 2020, Teefey shared that she struggles with past traumas and Pierson that she was once ashamed of her OCD.

“Everybody, especially with the pandemic, are experiencing emotions and feelings and this emptiness that they’re not used to,” said Teefey.

Wondermind has been launched its website and newsletter which is free to anyone. Anyone interested can visit the website at

Photo Credit: Instagram via @officialwondermind