The Prince Memoir "The Beautiful Ones" Reveals Deep Personal Life Memories

It has been over three years since the music legend Prince passed away, but he still found a way to connect with his fans with the release of his memoir “The Beautiful Ones” Tuesday.

Before his death, the 57-year-old legend signed a book deal with Spiegel & Grau (Penguin Random House). He tapped Dan Piepenbring, an advisory editor at the Paris Review ( who he referred to as his brotherto help him co-write the piece. Unfortunately, Prince died on April 21, 2016. Piepenbring now was left with three months worth of sporadic calls and 30 something pages of unfinished manuscript scrawled on a legal pad. He noted Prince used symbols in his writing, “I” for eye and “U” for you. Piepenbring would spend the last three years collecting pictures, handwritten lyrics, and drawing to add to the memoir.

The Prince Memoir "The Beautiful Ones" Reveals Deep Personal Life Memories

Photo: Verity“His handwriting is beautiful. I mean, he has this very fluid script. But then it’s also so unruly. It seems to be coming out of him so quickly that it verges on illegible a lot of the time.” Piepenbring said.

Although Prince was not able to complete his memoir, the singer’s deep personal life memories, and his wonderful journey into music helped Piepenbring to pick up the pieces and create a book that was as unconventional as the star. On whether or not Prince would approve of the final product, Piepenbring says, “I am always really reluctant to say for certain about what he would think about anything,” Piepenbring explains. “I have to imagine he would be pleased with the book.”


Prince: The Beautiful Ones is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and major retail outlets.



By: Leslie Vasquez

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