New Kids on the Block and New Edition Bring Their Moves to the AMA Stage

The 2021 American Music Awards decided to kick it old school by having a show-stopping performance by New Edition and New Kids On The Block (NKOTB).

Both groups were highly popular in the ’80s and ’90s, and it had been a while since either group had performed on the AMA stage.

The group teamed up for a special performance dubbed the “Battle of Boston” due to the city being both of the group’s hometown.

NKOTB started off the performance with “The Right Stuff,” showing they still had the moves by performing the classic choreography in all-black outfits. New Edition followed their performance with their hit “Candy Girl” in which they sported trench coats and matching hats.

NKOTB then took the stage once again with “Step by Step and “Mr. Telephone Man.”

Other boy band groups like members of *NSYNC and BTS were spotted dancing along to the performance.

The groups teamed up to perform “Is This the End” and “Please Don’t Go Girl.”

“Being here is always fun, but to be here with New Edition, who mean so much to us and really paved the way for us, and all boy bands. It’s kind of a boy band night, and it wouldn’t be right to be here without the real guys who created the modern boy band,” said Donnie Wahlberg to ET’s Cassie DiLaura.

Joey McIntyre said the groups were a “brotherhood” despite having a performance called the “Battle of Boston.”

“We’ll play along, but we’re having a blast,” he said. “We’re just floored. We were knocked out from day one, because these guys are the best guys in the world, Such heroes of ours. So we’re gonna bring it.”

New Edition hadn’t been on the AMA stage since 1997 and NKOTB’s last AMA performance was in 2010. Both groups previously won two AMA awards.

“It was incredible. It was a moment we’ve been waiting for for a long time…To be up there with the New Kids, our hometown…So to be able to represent our city and celebrate with our longtime friends, New Kids on the Block, it was just a dream come true,” said Ralph Tresvant.

At the end of the show, it was teased that the groups may be hitting the road and touring again.

Photo Credit: Getty Images