Meagan Good Ready To Become A Mom?


Meagan Good and Michael Ealy are seen in an upcoming episode of ‘STEVE‘ to discuss their new movie The Intruder. The conversation turns quickly to the talk show host asking if she is ready for motherhood. Good is married to best-selling author, renowned preacher and motivational speaker, Devon Franklin.

“It’s funny, I usually don’t talk about it because I was one of those people who knew I would be a mother later in life,” says the actress. Mentioning, her and co-star Ealy talked about it a lot, and that he basically tried to convince her to start last year.  “I think, I’m ready now,” she announces over the audience’s applause.

Meagan Good Ready To Become A Mom?
Michael Ealy and Meagan Good on an Episode of ‘STEVE’

What is Steve’s reaction? Watch the segment when it airs Friday, May 3 to coincide with the film’s release date.


Source: K2PR

Feature Photo courtesy of STEVE

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