Leslie Odom Jr.: Reason No.101 On Why You Should Never Place Anyone in a Box

Once we are used to seeing someone in a particular light, it sometimes may cause us to become skeptical or uncomfortable with change.

It is because of this we tend to keep a person, or people, within the confines of an invisible box without giving them much leg room.

Leslie Odom Jr. finds these boxes to be quite “silly”.

The Hamilton sensation learned recently that he has been nominated for two Oscars at the 2021 Academy Awards: Best Original Song and Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

He has high hopes in following in the footsteps of artists such as John Legend, who has an “impressive, formidable portfolio” as a multifaceted artist.

If the “Speak Now” singer wins either award that he is nominated for, he will be one honor away from reaching EGOT stardom.

EGOT is a popular culture acronym for “Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony”, and is a patch given to artists who have received at least one award from each and serves as the most coveted accomplishment in Hollywood.

Leslie Odom Jr.: Reason No.101 On Why You Should Never Place Anyone in a Box
Photo credit: Courtesy of “Hamilton” Gannett

Leslie Odom Jr. believes that artists and performers should not be enclosed in a box and credits his recent achievements to his more open-minded supporters.

In an exclusive interview with E! News, he said that his achievements speak to a “more open-minded audience and more open-minded business” that allows performers to explore different opportunities than those that are the artists norms.

He also expressed that in the past, if you were a theater performer, you were supposed to “stay a theater performer”.

He then said, “Now, I think we’ve realized how silly that is. A performer/entertainer should go wherever that talent allows them to go.”

Leslie Odom Jr. said that every artist should aspire to go “as far as your talent can take you.”

The sky is not the limit, and as long as you have a talent, there will always be room for your gifts.

Featured photo courtesy of The Virginia Film Festival