Jazmine Sullivan Thanked for Her Body Positivity

On Monday, Jazmine Sullivan received a “thank you” from lifestyle writer Keyaira Boone.

In the article, Boone thanked Sullivan not only for her music but for spreading the message that “your winning season and your dress size are not related.

During her speech at the 2021 Soul Train Awards, Sullivan encouraged Black women to love themselves no matter what.

In her speech, Sullivan admitted that she felt uncomfortable being on stage after gaining weight during quarantine, but said that she made a promise to herself that she would no longer hide.

Boone added that Sullivan’s honesty about her discomfort resonated with other women who skipped out on events because they weren’t happy with their bodies.

“I know that I have been guilty of turning down huge professional opportunities for fear of how my appearance will impact the way my work is perceived,” wrote Boone.

The conversation also mentioned the pressure celebrities go through to look a certain way, often resorting to diets or expensive trainers to lose weight.

Unfortunately, those diets and trainers aren’t attainable for the average person and fans who lose themselves trying to emulate their favorite celebrities when trying to reach their “perfect” figure.

“You have never come for us without love in your heart, no matter what challenges you face in the spotlight, and I am so grateful for that,” wrote Boone to Sullivan.

She thanked Sullivan for continuing to be a champion for Black women and overcoming the judgment of others.

Photo Credit: Getty Images