Runway Collection Negris LeBrum


Runway Collection Negris LeBrum is Feeling a Bit Nostalgic


New York runway collection Negris LeBrum has released a capsule collection of styles that epitomize an era that so many of us hold near & dear to our fashion hearts. It was a time of bold graphics, exaggerated silhouettes & prepster moxie.  Negris LeBrum creative director Travis Hamilton has interpreted the era with markedly restrained proportions, but in no way has he dialed down the graphic elements, the surface treatments or the preppie attitude!  With this capsule, you’ll feel like you’re channeling Mollie Ringwald vibes while the synth beats of Depêche Mode’s “Just Can’t Get Enough” fill the soundtrack of your mind.


Polka dots are the centerpiece of the capsule with Hamilton preferring an oversized scale, perhaps as a nod to the proportions of the original era. Combined with the brand’s “N” logo seen on a sweater pulled straight from the wardrobe of a co-ed in “N” University or on a cropped vest that looks to be walking straight off the grass courts at Forest Hills… “LOVE” (pun intended), layer in a few oversized white blouses, a dash of acid washed denim & a black leather short & the spirit of this capsule comes into clear focus… “TOTALLY, we’re SO sure!”


Vintage clothing fan, Vivian Kelly, who can be found on Instagram under the @fashionhistorian handle says, “Polka dots were the staple of the 80’s professional wardrobe.  The graphic pattern could be found on every woman’s back from the entry level cubicle to the corner suite near the board room.  Polka dots were made iconic by the likes of every influencer of the era from Tess McGill in ‘Working Girl’, played by Melanie Griffith or any number of ensembles worn by Princess Diana.”


Runway Collection Negris LeBrum

Negris LeBrum has a long history of bringing the inherent ease of American sportswear alive on the runways of fashion.  With this capsule, the brand has mined a look that is innately American to the core & given it a refreshing, new life that is every bit as relevant today as it was some 30 years ago. We’re confident in saying that as the season progresses, a new generation of fashion fans will be looking at these styles & saying they “just can’t get enough” without ever knowing they are really embracing nostalgia.  For those of you who know the roots of the trend… here’s a nod to being part of the secret club, but this time it’s not the Palladium or Limelight… it’s Negris LeBrum.


Runway Collection Negris LeBrum


About Negris LeBrum:

Negris LeBrum is an African American Owned, American runway collection that is a regular participant in NYFW.  Designed by Creative Director and Found, Travis Hamilton, Negris LeBrum was inspired from a love story that began during 1940’s, between a young beautiful French Creole woman and a handsome man. Although their love was forbidden by societal difficulties, these individuals were brought together by a force that was greater than the both of them and through fashion their love story is being told to the world.


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