If you want a career in Oil & Gas, the medical field or corporate America in Houston, chances are you will be able to find it.  If you want to study to become an engineer or lawyer you can do as well and be successful.

It is not so common to hear about “the arts” in Houston.  To make it as a singer, dancer, model, fashion designer or communications professional, will require you to spread your wings and fly.  That’s what Chekesha Johnson, a Houston native, did in order to have a successful career in modeling.

As the saying goes…”Home is where the heart is.” Chekesha wanted to bring New York City back to the Lone star state and have a Fashion Showdown at Johnny Dang Co.  One lucky designer received five thousand dollars and an all paid expense trip to New York where they displayed their designs during New York fashion week.

The day of the show buzzed with excitement and anticipation to see what the designers brought to the runway.  Upbeat music played as the VIP guests were served mini bites and drinks from vendors; Behind the Blade and Pour Me Perfection.

Chekesha was both excited and proud to host the event. With a laid back and calm demeanor, she explained how she came up with the idea.

“The purpose behind the fashion show is to give designers opportunities to show their best work. They had to pick their models, prepare makeup and select their own music. Just like they do in the world of fashion. I’m looking for something that I will say…”WOW!”  Something that pops out. I want to see if the quality of the clothing is nice. I want to see something different, something that everyone could wear and rock. They will be judged on all of these things, but overall creativity.”

Along with Chekesha, there were four judges who are known for their unique fashion style and professions in the field;  Theresa Roemer (CEO of Theresa Roemer, LLC), Irvin Randle (Fashion Model #Mr.Stealyourgrandma), Ashley Williams ( Fashion designer) and Kristin Douglas (Fashionista). Out of the many wonderful designs; showing dresses, accessories, and men’s line—Cloth and Cord (formerly E. Turner Couture) won the fashion showdown.

Houston is known for lots of things like NASA and the Live Stock Show and Rodeo, but it is also known for its artistic vibe.


Winner and fashion show highlights @ www.clothandcord.com


Houston Fashion Showdown 2018

Photo: Charmaine Hudson and model Chekesha Johnson



By Charmaine Hudson

Top photo: FreeStockPhotos.biz Collection