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Centrell Reed recently opened a 4,000-square-foot production studio in Houston’s Galleria area. The space is home to Reed’s full-service production company CReed Global Media (CGM). CGM offers professional media services including filming, editing, podcast and show production, graphic design, branding videos, social media support, studio/co-working space rentals, and more. Photo credit:  ilovethemoments.com and Tosha Evans Photography


by Twins of Media


The Houston-based entrepreneur, business leader, coach, speaker, and philanthropist is passionate about building foundations beneficial for growth, wellness, and prosperity. Having recently opened her production studio, CReed Global Media (CGM) in Houston, she spoke with Beautifully Said Magazine (BSM_Magazine) about the importance of waiting at the right time for  opportunities to arrive.


What will your new production studio CReed Global Media (CGM) bring to the city of Houston in terms of media and entertainment?

That’s a great question. Thank you! You know, it’s amazing when we embark upon any endeavor we don’t know exactly what it’s going to bring. On the surface, I can say it brings a new woman owned business to the city in the space of media which we have not seen much. I know we predominantly see men behind the camera—though I’ve seen women emerging behind the camera as well, but for the City of Houston, my goal and vision is to help others win in media. I didn’t have certain individuals on my team or those looking for me to succeed when I first started out.  They were really looking out for themselves and there is nothing wrong with that. My purpose for CGM is to make sure we provide a space not only for those individuals that are in business, but those individuals that are their clients. The ones that are bringing in businesses and who have audiences, messages and ministries they need to get out to touch the people. I want those people to win! We have so much value to bring in this industry, yet we don’t recognize our value in transforming lives. That’s what I want CGM to represent. “Transforming lives all over the world through the message and media contact that we bring.”


Let’s talk about the age of entrepreneurship and the media’s role in that space?

The media’s role in the age of the entrepreneur is what I like to call pivotal. We’ve had social media and the internet and all of those things have kind of brought us much closer together. Right? I can see and touch you without even knowing who you are. It’s usually how people meet. You can be on social media and see people have video chats and conversations, and all of those people you’re touching in some way,  yet you don’t know them. What that does for an entrepreneur is it brings them closer to you. They are that one-degree of separation that you can physically see…not physically touch, but physically see. You are making an organic impression with those individuals whether; you’re talking about your day, your latest workout routine or just trying to start a company. People get to know who you are without really knowing who you are. It can be a little deceptive, but it does help to get the conversation and the relationship started. It also helps those entrepreneurs who maybe don’t have the funds to go out to buy up spaces or offices because they are only working out of their homes. These are humble beginnings and an amazing place to start. That’s all you need now is the internet, a space to work out of and a vision.


Can we ask, is Houston the next Hollywood? 

Yes, you can ask me. Laughter! I think there are a lot of cities emerging as powerhouses in the area of entertainment and media. I’ve had the opportunity to attend movie premieres that are happening here in Houston and the one thing I’ve always liked and been attracted to is… the city has so many young professionals. There are so many people doing things in the space of community, socialization and business. When you start thinking about all the different movies and pieces that are coming together, why not Houston? It’s a very diverse city with over two in a half million people. It’s like the third largest city or maybe fourth. I know Houston and Chicago have been having that battle economically. The other piece of it is… you start to see other cities compete with California or New York. Those places have always been synonymous with entertainment and things of that nature. You start to see cities like New Orleans picking up more movies so I think Houston is poised for that. There’s too much culture here for it not to be set and ready for being an entertainment hub. It may already be, but we have not seen the article or something. Maybe we can print the article. Laughter! If you say and build it…they will come. Sometimes you are who you say you are so let’s just say, Houston is an entertainment hub!


How symbolic is the opening of your production studio in the same month as Women’s History month?

Well, you know, as I look over life and maybe you ladies have shared this experience too!  It’s always one of those things where you are embarking upon something new and someone’s looking and saying, “Hey, you’re doing too much!” And they’re really not looking at you and saying, you’re doing too much, but sometimes they’re looking at you like you’re a woman and there are certain things you should be doing. When I see the environment that we’re in and how women have constantly pushed the envelope and barriers, so that we can be seen and heard and not just for roles in the home as caregivers or nurturers, but that we are valid businesswomen and powerhouses in our own right. We are intelligent and we bring in an access of business. The way we’re supposed to operate in it is totally different than that of a man. I have nothing against men, I think it’s wonderful to have the support on both sides of the gender spectrum; I do think that for Women’s History month, it’s important to know there are women all over the world that have been forging barriers for us to show we can do much more than what other people have limited us to do. So for my company, it’s CReed because it represents my name Centrell Reed though a lot of people call it Creed. I don’t mind it being called that because I love what the word means, but for me, I never thought I would be here. I had this vision to own a production company back in 2000 and it’s now being realized. It’s one of those things where I am making history and not only am I making history today, I likely made history in the many things I did before, but we sometimes only look at the achievements that are recognized by others. This is really important to me because it’s not just history and opening up a company or things of that nature, it’s history of my platform being a bigger service and adding more value to those I’ve always served; which is my community, family and friends. I’m extremely excited about it and I’m glad that a number of people are supporting and sharing in it.


What advice do you share for women who venture into media where opportunities may not happen overnight?

That’s a really great question! For any dream and not just in the area of media, it’s key to access how important it is to you. Again, I had this dream back in 2000 and I looked at it and I was like, “Wow! I can’t believe it was that long ago.” I wrote a bunch of things back then and put it on the shelf. I had a long list. I must have been on one that day. Laughter! Then when life starts happening and you go into a corporate job and the money starts to come, you’re already living a comfortable lifestyle, yet for me, I was always coming to the end of being dissatisfied. I knew I was not operating in the place I was supposed to be. I was supposed to be a CEO. It was poured into me a long time ago where in my mind, I knew I should have my own company. I always pushed myself in that area, yet I didn’t push hard enough. It was like I could see a couple of those steps and not the whole staircase, but even those steps looked too high. It may look like it’s too much for you to do at the moment and then you decide, not right now I’ll do it later, and you fall back into complacency and you’re still not fulfilled.

Around 2014, I had a major life event. I lost someone really special to me and thought maybe there is nothing left. What am I supposed to do? It was during this time I started to get closer in my relationship with God. I believe spirituality is amazing and an important foundation to anything we do, so I began to pray and ask God “what is the will?” I actually thought I was doing this already, but saw that I needed to go deeper. It’s important for young girls and boys to remember God always has a plan. Sometimes it takes all of those years and all of those situations to show you what you really don’t want, so He can get you closer to what you really want. It’s the difference of being sick and tired of the things you used to do that became easiest; now you’re willing to give God a try. That was the case for me. I don’t want to do anything that He doesn’t want me to do because I don’t want to waste anymore time. God never steers me wrong. As people, we usually walk into what feels good, but when your dream has not happened the way you want it to in the first few years, it goes back to our thinking which is the way we want things to look and not what God has planned. Know that you have to keep holding on! When I thought about an entertainment company back then, it didn’t look like what I have now. I knew God had something much better in store and I was willing to see what that was. You have to hold on and trust God and know what He has for you is coming in the right time.


What were some of your expectations with the recent launch of your production studio?

It was a really exciting experience! I never thought about putting on an event like this before. The whole purpose was to let Houston know we’re here! Everyone that came through the doors was very special because they took the time to say, “this is worth me seeing!” It was not about the quantity of people there, but the quality. As I’ve always shared with anyone who’s having an event—where you want it to be this magical time when the world comes out, but it’s not always that realistic. I know God sends the right people and that’s exactly what I received; people that needed to be linked together and ready to win. CReed Global Media is here for people and their different brands and services so they can see it go to the next level and become visible in the marketplace. That is what this launch was about. We are here to help you win and to collaborate to help your brand reach larger audiences so you receive your true value.

Thank you both for this interview!


Centrell Reed: Media Personality Opens Woman-Owned Production Studio in Houston

Owning an entertainment company has been a part of my vision for many years and now it’s realized,” said Reed. “I am excited to be one of few women in this media space to serve my clients with character, integrity, and strategies for us all to win!” – Centrell Reed | Photo credit:  ilovethemoments.com and Tosha Evans Photography



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The Centrell Show: Building A Better You! Tuesday @ 6PM

Centrell Reed: Media Personality Opens Woman-Owned Production Studio in HoustonFor more information or to tour the studio, contact [email protected]