Houston Area Teen Comedian To Join New Wayne Brady Show

The 14-year old destined for greatness is none other than Thomas J. Boyce III, also known as TJ Boyce. Born into a family of entertainers, TJ knew from a young age that he wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. The talented teen joins the new TV show ‘Wayne Brady’s Comedy IQ,’ that premieres on April 6. Read more of his interview here.

The Houston native found his love for acting at the age of 8 while participating in local theatre plays, “I loved having all eyes on me and being on stage. My parents signed me up for some plays, and I did theatre … It was so much fun. I then went into on-camera acting and then comedy.”

Acting and entertaining came second nature to TJ. The talent TJ possesses has afforded him TV show and Commercial opportunities in major cities like Los Angeles and Houston. His love for comedy came from his ability to make friends and family laugh, “Even before I started acting like that, I always loved to make people laugh, that was always my thing. I did anything for the laughs.”

With his larger than life personality, TJ decided to learn the art of stand-up comedy in hopes that he will one day be in the same entertainment circle as his favorite comedians, Dave Chappelle and Eddie Murphy, “No one teaches you how to be a famous comedian…I knew I wanted to do it, and so I’m figuring it out now.”

“Dave Chappelle and Eddie Murphy are big inspirations to me… I want one day for people to be like “Man, so who do you think is better, Dave Chapelle or TJ Boyce?”

The 14-year old rising star owes a lot of his success to people that inspire and motivate him the most. “I look at people like my Father, he does music, and I’ve always wanted to make my parents proud of whatever it is I do. My parents are a big motivator for me.”

Being a teenage comedian can be difficult, but every day TJ is learning new ways to balance it all for him to reach absolute stardom, “Balancing school and work and wanting to do stand-up….there’s a lot of sacrifices but I’m learning along the way.”

Houston Area Teen Comedian To Join New Wayne Brady Show
Thomas James “TJ” Boyce III. Photo courtesy of Lemon Lime Light Media

Right now is just the beginning for TJ’s bright future ahead, “There’s always going to be someone funnier than you, acts better than you, looks better than you, and maybe smarter than you, but if they outwork you, then that’s your fault.”

This multi-talented teen is an actor, entrepreneur, and comedian who is determined to be a household name, “Be yourself, dream big, work hard, and listen to your parents. That is the advice I would give to those out there wanting to have a career in entertainment.”

TJ has a lot of exciting projects coming our way, and he can’t wait to share his talents with the world. “I plan to expand my ice cream truck, “Boyce Kid’s Cream Machine.” My book is on the way to being released, my website is coming soon, and I have an album coming out.”

The talent flowing through this family of entertainers is incredible. TJ’s little sister London is just as goal-driven as her big brother. London appears in the new movie “Antebellum,” and it set to hit theaters on April 24th.

Before ending the interview, TJ had this to say about his new show with Wayne Brady. “I’m super excited for the world to see my new show. I know the world needs a laugh right now with what’s going on.”

If you’d like to keep up with the teen comedian, follow him on Instagram @tjboyce3.0.

Wayne Brady’s Comedy IQ  is hosted by the Emmy-winning and Grammy-nominated star and his producing partner, Mandie Taketa. The show also counts Queen Latifah among its executive producers. Talented young people from across the country compete in a one-of-a-kind performers’ bootcamp to demonstrate the highest “comedy IQ.” Each new challenge teaches them to be multi-faceted in writing, directing, performing and creating comedic and musical content. Along the way, the teens learn universal skills that can bring them success in the real world.


By Tatiana Battle

Feature Photo courtesy of Lemon Lime Light Media