Hill Harper, executive producer of the documentary Drowning in Silence

DROWNING IN SILENCE documents the true story of a mother who takes a transformative journey after losing her three-year-old son to the silent epidemic of childhood drowning. She goes on a quest for answers and ways to make a difference in the face of tragedy. This raw depiction of loss, perseverance, and community shows how pain can be turned into purpose and truly affect change.

She investigates why there is so little information about the number one cause of death in children under four. As she travels to meet other parents who have experienced similar devastation, we see her film is just as much about seeking solace as it is finding solutions. The documentary delves into the history of childhood drowning by speaking with pediatricians, water safety advocates, and stakeholders. The discussion considers what we can do to shift the pendulum and fight against childhood drowning and create more racial equity in water safety.

Written by Chezik Tsunoda & Claire Ave’Lallemant, DROWNING IN SILENCE was directed by Chezik Tsunoda. DROWNING IN SILENCE features the voices of families affected by drowning, water safety activists, doctors, and concerned individuals including: Chezik Tsunoda, Doug Forbes, Elena Matyas, Armando Gamino, Yvette Gamino, Fabian Gamino, Nancy Baker, Ben Hoffman, Joann Barnett, Tizzy Bennett, Dr. Linda Quan, Dr. Imani Walker, Katoya Palmer, Chandrika Francis, Yasmin Richard, Dr. Lorena Shih, Dr. Paul Harch, Ilke Jensen, Cristina Alvarado, Dr. Consuela Mansillas, Adam Katchmarchi, and Kurt Kopp.


YOUTUBEDrowning In Silence TRAILER | 2023


Photo Credit: Hill Harper/ Amazon | Source courtesy of mosaicmethodagency.com