May is Mental Health Awareness month. Gabrielle Union, 48, spoke with Tamron Hall on the Tamron Hall Talk Show on Thursday, May 20, alongside her husband, former NBA player Dwyane Wade, 39, to share the reason behind her #wcw posts on Instagram.

Hall spoke about Gabby’s #wcw posts where she mentioned to Union and the viewing audience, “Your Woman Crush Wednesdays every Wednesday; if you don’t go on her social media, you’re missing out because you find a different woman to uplift.” The Daytime Emmy Award-winning host then asked Union, “What does that do to your spirit to be able to shine a light on other people to help them get their shine?”

Union replied “I think for so long we are conditioned that there can only be one and if one person is shining or everything is going right for them it feels like it can’t go right for you because there can only be one and so it kind of conditions you to tear people down and when you realize shining a bigger or brighter light on others in no way diminishes your light I’m going to lean into that because pouring into others actually feeds my soul so why not do that and there’s people who are like “some of those #wcws don’t even like you” and I’m like they don’t have to like me. It’s not about them it’s about recognizing and acknowledging somebody else’s greatness and in no way whether they like you or not diminishes your own talents and gifts and your inner light, so I always want to encourage people to Big Up the next person it does not take anything away from you.”

The power couple also laughed about their Tik Tok videos and discussed their new children’s book  Shady Baby.  by daughter Kaavia during the interview. Watch the full clip.

How do you work to uplift others? #mentalhealthawareness

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Photo Credit: Getty / Kevin Mazur/Fox