Debbie Allen Inspires the Youth Through the Arts

Debbie Allen is an award-winning dancer, choreographer, producer, and director who has impacted the lives of many with her advocacy for the arts.

Allen has used her artistic mind to put a twist on the classic ballet of The Nutcracker which she titled “Hot Chocolate Nutcracker.

In her version of The Nutcracker, Allen showcases different cultures through dance and a diverse cast of dancers on the stage.

Recently, Allen appeared on The Tamron Hall show to talk about the Hot Chocolate Nutcracker and her success through the years.

In the show, an exclusive look into one of the dances featured in the Hot Chocolate Nutcracker was shown. Young dancers were seen in peppermint-inspired costumes, dancing a hip-hop style choreography.

In her show, Allen features young dancers of all backgrounds and inspires them through the arts.

The latest showing of her ballet was showcased at the Santa Monica drive-up.

“It was just a joy and the kids, it’s really about them. They were so excited to be on that stage,” said Allen.

Allen has worked in the arts for years and one of her goals is to change the lives of young performers.

“I call my dance studio my church because I feel I’m tithing to the community and to the young people of this world,” she said.

Allen said she believes that the arts are an important addition to education, and thinks an A should be added to the acronym STEM, making it STEAM.

“It’s something you have to ignite, that other part of your brain. It’s the same part of your brain that’s going to cure cancer, that does these great paintings, or writes poetry or dances and this is a part of us as human beings,” she said.

Allen owns a dance studio where she spreads the art of dance to the youth and recently added classes for sixth graders.

Later in the show, Hall shared videos of Allen’s past students, family, and friends thanking her for her impact.

One of Allen’s most recent accomplishments includes the construction of a 25,000 square foot dance school.

“The arts can uplift and change and inform the lives of our young people, of cancer patients, of our elders, our hospital workers, these are all communities that I serve daily, weekly, and I just feel that it’s not just me. I may be the conduit but I am a soldier in this army, I’m the general,” said Allen.

Photo Credit: Getty Images