Comedian Chinedu Talks Brand-New Standup and Remembering David Arnold

Comedian Chinedu has a lot to look forward to these days. The Houston native, whose comedic videos often go viral on social media (he creates his own skits), is gearing up for a new stand-up show. As one of the faces of Checkers (a drive-in restaurant chain with a 50’s look), he celebrates a recent recognition given by the mayor of his hometown while also remembering fellow comedian David Arnold in a touching tribute. Read more here.


It makes me feel “So Houston”


How did you get your start in comedy?

I auditioned to host my high school talent show my junior year of high school (2004). I wanted to host because I would get to tell jokes throughout the show and have outfit changes.


You are performing at the Houston Improv this month. What can your audience expect?

A BRAND-NEW hour of standup comedy about my childhood, school, and what my life is like now as a husband and father.


Congratulations! As a Houston native, you will soon receive a proclamation from Mayor Sylvester Turner. How does the recognition make you feel?

It makes me feel “So Houston” ??


You’re a big sports fan. Your team is the Houston Texans. How is football and comedy alike?

They’re alike because, both bring total strangers together no matter what walk of life they come from.


At the time of this interview, we asked Chinedu about his thoughts on the recent passing of David Arnold and what he believed was the comedian, sitcom writer, producer, and actor’s legacy.

Chinedu performs at the Houston Improv, September 18.
Photo courtesy of Lemon Lime Light Media