Chadwick Boseman

The wait is over for the film everyone has been wanting to see.

Black Panther star, Chadwick Boseman, is the leading man in the new crime thriller ’21 Bridges.’

Boseman plays Andre Davis, a New York Detective in the pursuit of finding cop killers and drug smugglers. His father was also an officer for NYPD, but died in the process of catching criminals when Boseman’s character was thirteen.

Detective Davis grew up following in his father’s footsteps. Moviegoers will see how his character changes his perspective of what a cop’s dilemma should be regarding asking questions or shooting first.

In the beginning of the film, two men are responsible for the murder of eight, and Davis and a Narcotics Officer, played by Sienna Miller set off to find the two responsible for the mess.

No spoiler alert, but Davis makes an executive decision to close all 21 Bridges of Manhattan. You’ll have to see the movie to know the reason why. In the process, things get heated and very sketchy, and Davis does not know who to trust when additional items surface that add to the case.

The film is a must see. It will keep you on your toes wondering what’s going to happen next. Viewers will find out if Davis thinks as a law enforcement agent before he reacts in any situation.

Brian Kirk directs the film and Adam Mervis and Matthew Michael wrote the crime thriller.

In all, the plot of ’21 Bridges’ showcases hidden secrets that are a part of what is  happening in the world today. Good cop and bad cop scenario, and cops or criminals. “If you had blood on your hands, I will find you.” said Davis in one of the scenes.

I think Boseman was the perfect fit for this role!


By: Aaliyah Ford

Featured Photo: Matt Kennedy