BET+ Bruh Star Mahdi Cocci Talks New Netflix Movie That Stars Issa Rae

Mahdi Cocci likes that BET+ show “Bruh,” of which he stars depicts a healthy image of black brotherhood without presenting the stereotypical hyper-masculinity. The Tyler Perry produced 30-minute comedy series is about the contemporary world of dating, career, and friendship through the lens of four African-American men in their thirties with a brother-like bond. Cocci’s character is Tom, a doctor with lady problems. The Atlanta resident also stars in the new movie, The Lovebirds that star Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani and debuted Friday on Netflix. Read more about the actor with the Italian last name who laughs at the fact that he sometimes hears Madeaesque tones from the man he admires as one of the best directors around.




By ‘Twins of Media’ (Trisha & Tasha)

Photo credit: Brian Wilmerding