4 Ways To Reduce Feeling Overwhelmed With 2020 Goals

Happy New Year! Happy New Decade.


It may be that you’re juicing, meal prepping, hitting the gym, or writing in a newly purchased journal for the new year, but how do we keep it going? We’ve provided a practical list of four ways to reduce the feelings of being overwhelmed in 2020.


  1. Start whenever— Who says you have to cram all of what you want to accomplish in 2020 in one day, whether it’s a mental or written note? Permit yourself to start on Jan. 2, 3, or anytime in the month. It can be breaking away from what is considered the norm that can help you to better focus on your goals. 
  2. Try not to compare your list with others— The goals you have compiled are personal to your specific needs. It’s not a group project unless you designate it as such. So what, if your best friend, already scratched off goal #1The less we compare our accomplishments with someone else’s, it helps us to appreciate our timeline of success.
  3. Wee steps— For many of us, there’s an impulse to think up everything we would like to complete in the year. Great ideas and high adrenaline. But before you know it, we’re stressed and less galvanized. As a baby crawls before walking, so should we think of our goals the same. Discovery happens on the ground level, pulling ourselves up helps with balance and tiny, stumbling steps ultimately lead to walking. You’ll get there!
  4. Breathe again— Don’t be so hard on yourself that you misplace your drive with self-doubt. While it’s okay to push ourselves for better, it’s also healthier to take in the moments and appreciate where you are. Breathe in and out, look around at how far you’ve come from the previous year (even if it includes hard lessons) and let out any dwelled upon emotions.


By BSM Team

Feature photo: Getty Images