Missy Elliott to Recieve Michael Jackson Vangaurd Award at The 2019 VMAs

The 2019, Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award has been announced and the winner is no one other than Missy Elliott. MTV Music Awards made the announcement on Monday and not only is she being awarded but there will be a live performance from the legend herself. Missy hasn’t been on stage at the VMAs since 2006, so the excitement is at an all time high. Missy’s solo music career began in 1997. Her debut album ‘Supa Fly’ won five Grammy awards and sold over 30 million records worldwide!

Missy does it all from singing to rapping and she can even hit a two step every now and again! Not only is the music a big part of her who she is but the visuals she creates for her music videos are unmatched and it gives you that real hip-hop vibe. Some of the most highlighted albums in Missy’s career are from the 1990’s and 2000’s like ‘Da real world’, ‘Miss E… So Addictive’, ‘Under Construction’ and ‘This is Not a Test’. Even I still jam to Missy Elliott’s music till this day and I know we all still have a little “Work It” and “Get Ur Freak On” left in us.

Photo Credit: Paras Griffin

The industry has been impacted in a good way from Missy’s personality and style. She’s always been true to herself and never let anyone change who she’s always been. “Missy’s impact on the music landscape is indelible,” said Bruce Gilmer the head of music and talent, Viacom and co brand head, MTV International. “Her creative vision across production, performance and songwriting is unmatched.”

In Honor of Missy, MTV and Pepsi will host a pop-up museum fan event in New York City Aug. 24 to 25. The museum will showcase the refinement of hip-hop Elliott created and will also have live props that allow the fans to reenact the most memorable music videos and costumes used by Elliott.

Many legends before Missy E. received this honorable award such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Madonna and the list goes on. This award is given to an artist who does visual dynamics when performing and are able to create music videos in such a way that you have no other choice but to watch. We should all be able to agree that these artist have some of the best visual work that catch viewers attention.

Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco will host the VMAs, Monday Aug. 26. Tune in live at 8pm on MTV.


By: Aaliyah Ford

Featured Photo: Marie Claire

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