Xandi: R&B's Newest Artist on Her Latest EP "Girl Talk"

Houston’s newest R&B Artist XANDi is more than a singer. The young artist also writes her own music. Find out her musical inspirations (one is a megastar from her hometown) and her advice to future songwriters.


I’m going to the top and taking Houston with me!


Your latest EP is titled Girl Talk. Tell us the vibe on this album.

The vibe of this EP takes you back to old-school R&B, with the bridges, the harmonies, the hooks, and a little mix of the new school. It just gives off a real feel-good vibe that makes you want to connect with the people around you.


You have been passionate about music and performing since age four. Has it been your only dream?

 No, oddly enough, before, I’ve wanted to be a painter, an anesthesiologist, and even a psychiatrist. It wasn’t until college when I started writing my own music and becoming XANDi, that this R&B dream became number 1.


Who are some of your favorite Houston-born artists?

 Number 1 is Beyoncé, then Lil Keke, and of course Megan Thee Stallion, Normani, and definitely Lizzo. Honestly, I truly feel every Houston Artist that’s hot right now is doing their thing and showing out for the city locally and on national platforms.


As a songwriter, what advice can you give to others wanting to do the same in music?

I would say when you’re first starting off, start with remixes. That will test your writing ability. It will show whether you can adapt to any kind of beat if you can adapt to any kind of rhythm if you can even change up the lyrics to say something different from what is already being said. I believe writing remixes help train your songwriting and train your ear to music in general.


 You are a proud Howard University alumna who studied television and film. Any projects in the works?

 Yes, the first episode of my podcast, “Girl Talk,” is out now and is written and directed by me. I plan to dive into some film directing and writing soon. XANDi Productions is on the way. Stay tuned!


What’s next?

I’m going to the top and taking Houston with me! I will be performing the National Anthem at The Labor Day Classic here in Houston on Sept. 3. Stay locked in with me on social media @xandiofficial for more!


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Photo Credit: Robert Taylor