Tyler Perry Receives Icon Award at 2019 BET Awards: "Help Somebody Cross"

Tyler Perry was honored with the 2019 BET Icon award Sunday, but it was his moving speech that is to be remembered. The actor and filmmaker paid homage to his late mother, and the many women she knew who had an impact on his life. Explaining that much of what motivates him is “wanting black women to know they are worthy.”

Perry also spoke of the old man he met as a school-age kid— who when nobody wanted to help him cross the street, he did so himself. It was a friendship to last for years, and the metaphor for how Perry formed relationships with others.  “Help somebody cross,” spoke the well-renowned producer.

“Rather than being an icon, I want to be an inspiration,” he told those in attendance as they gave him a standing ovation. “So, thank you BET, my new family, thank you everybody. I want you to hear this: every dreamer in this room, there’s people whose lives are tied into your dream, own your stuff, own your business, own your way.”




By BSM Team

Feature photo credit: Getty Images