Tia Mowry is TikTok’s newest star!

The Sister, Sister alum has “really got this TikTok thing down,” as Nightly Pop‘s Nina Parker put it.

Tia joined her on air for the April 8 episode to dish on her recent viral moments, including her March 2 video that has 2.9 million views. In the clip, Tia pointed out everything holding her back from having baby No. 3. “‘Why don’t you have another baby?’ they said. You wanna pay for it? You wanna change its diapers? You wanna babysit? I didn’t think so,” she questioned in the humorous video.

So, is the mom of two ready to level up and try the platform’s sexy Silhouette and Buss It challenges?

“It’s not that I’m scared to try. I’m not allowed to try, let’s just say that,” the Family Reunion actress said, clarifying that her husband, Cory Hardrictwouldn’t be too thrilled by the racier moves. “My husband would be like, ‘Uh, for real?'”

She’s making do, however, by creating a PG version of the Buss It challenge, set to Erica Banks‘ song “Buss It.”

“The Buss It challenge is very sexy, but I had switched it up. But he didn’t know,” Tia explained. “So, when he saw me shooting it with all the kids and he heard the music, he was like, ‘No no no no. What are you doing?’ I was like, ‘Cory, I’m doing the mom version.'”

She is already planning ahead and might take on the Silhouette next, but she’s thinking of ways to “change it up and make it real classy.”

It sounds like she’s living for all the fans that are egging her on. Tia recalled, “Somebody told me a comment, somebody said, ‘Tia, TikTok is your app,'” and we couldn’t agree more.

So what’s the secret sauce behind her TikTok vids? “I love—I don’t take myself very seriously, you know what I mean? I love having a lot of fun,” she shared.



Article Originally from E! News’ “Nightly Pop”

Photo Credit: E! Entertainment / Getty