The Stuff Guys REALLY Talk About On The 'Roundtable'

Todd A. Smith, a regular panelist on “Isiah Factor Uncensored,” which airs on Fox 26 Houston and Fox Soul, launched the on-demand male panel talk show “Regal Roundtable” on May 28. Read more of his exclusive interview.


We have an episode dedicated to men breaking the stigma of seeking mental health help in season two.


What aspect of the upcoming on-demand male panel talk show “Regal Roundtable” are you most excited about?


The aspect of ‘Regal Roundtable’ that I am most excited about is the ability for men to go into detail about how they feel about certain topics. Often, talk show episodes deal with a myriad of issues. As a result, guests can only offer soundbites at times. ‘Regal Roundtable’ will allow guests to really elaborate on their opinions.



Can you provide more information about the topics discussed in season one of ‘Regal Roundtable,’ the sophisticated barbershop conversation? Additionally, why should women also consider tuning in?


‘Regal Roundtable’ is unfiltered. Topics for the first season include does God choose our spouse or do we; is the idea of men being head of the household outdated; should leadership roles like U.S. president be reserved for men if God wants men to be leaders; how should men handle false rape claims; men discuss their ideal woman; should women be forced to register for the military draft since men must register; long-distance celebrity relationships and teacher/student relationships. Women should tune in to hear how men feel about relationships and gender issues. At the recording of episodes, women have told me that they want men to stop saying what they think women want to hear and say what they genuinely feel, unfiltered.



Is there a planned roundtable specifically for women shortly?


We have an idea for a spin-off show. Stay tuned for more details on that.



Are you planning to air a 30-minute program focusing on black men’s physical and mental well-being? This is particularly relevant given the recent news about some of our beloved Hollywood actors, such as Jamie Foxx, falling ill.


We have an episode dedicated to men breaking the stigma of seeking mental health help in season two. We plan to drop season two in November or December.



What makes Regal Roundtable worth watching for viewers?


Regal Roundtable’ should be the most-watched talk show soon because we discuss things from a perspective that is often ignored in Hollywood. We embrace faith and religion. We welcome taboo topics. We have a mix of celebrity guests with everyday guys with an outlook that needs to be heard. Furthermore, our topics are unlike any other show. We shot the show to be timeless. Therefore, every episode should be just as relevant in the years to come as it is now. Watch on Demand at CGM TV.





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