Stephen Bishop and Raven Magwood Goodson on New Movie "Finding Tony"

Finding Tony is a film about finding one’s destiny after tragedy. It is a story centered on the life of Tony Greene (Stephen Bishop), a former NBA star who falls into depression after the murder of his wife. After getting a DUI, he reluctantly begins coaching a women’s college basketball team where he meets Destiny, an orphaned basketball phenom with a bad attitude and an incredible jump shot. Their personalities clash, but Tony sees her potential. Just when Tony thought he had lost it all, his star player helps him find his destiny.

The independent film stars Bishop and is written, produced, and directed by Raven Magwood Goodson (Haunted Trail) and executive produced by NBA Lakers All-Star Player Anthony Davis. The movie tackles heavy topics like mental health, substance abuse, and the foster care system, but it is also a story that gives audiences hope that no matter what situations we face, there is always someone there to help us get back up. 

Bishop and Goodson recently discussed the film with the ‘Twins of Media.’ Bishop, known for his many acting roles, including The Equalizer and Fatal Affair, expressed how he tapped into the role of lead character Tony Greene. He also tells of a near-fatal accident in his teens that ultimately led him to define his destiny. And Goodson shared how reciting a speech in front of Stedman Graham and writing a book as a 12-year-old set the trajectory for her life’s work as a writer, producer, and director.

Why Finding Tony?

With Finding Tony, I found it important for us to explore the impact that mentors can have on our lives. In addition to exploring the ramifications of both positive and negative mentorship, we also examine the importance of team and family dynamics in a nontraditional and very unexpected way. By touching on serious topics like mental health within the structure of a compelling film, we have the opportunity to both inform and entertain. The initial response to the film has been amazing, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Finding Tony.

-Raven Magwood Goodson, Writer/Producer/Director


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Finding Tony Releases Today


Starring:  Stephen Bishop, Raquel Justice, David Banner, and Columbus Short



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