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Phylicia Rashad, is affectionately known as the “mother of the black community,” hence her role as the lovable wife, mom and lawyer Clair Huxtable on the popular 80s and 90s sitcom The Cosby Show.

The actress stopped by the Sway In The Morning radio show Wednesday, January 14, to discuss the Netflix movie ‘A Fall From Grace,’ along with fellow cast members Tyler Perry (Rory), Crystal Fox (Grace), and Bresha Webb (Jasmine). The movie is about the story of gentle, law-abiding Grace, who confesses to killing her new husband (Mehcad Brooks). It is written and directed by Tyler Perry. During the interview, Phylicia Rashad spoke about her childhood and shared stories of her sister Debbie Allen. In particular, What was it like growing up as kids, entertainers, and dancing.

Phylica Rashad: Speaks On Childhood And Shares Story Of Sister, Debbie Allen
Phylicia Rashad and Debbie Allen Photo: Getty Images


“Debbie was always dancing. From the time she was walking, she was dancing. She turned to my mother one day. I think she was about nine years old, and said, “I need a ballet teacher, a real ballet teacher and you’re not doing anything about it,” [laughs]

But our mother taught us to express ourselves in that way. When I think about the things we did as kids, and she never said no. How we created a skating rink on our floor by pouring baby powder all over it and putting on our socks. How I made an alarm system on the screened in porch off of my bedroom by taking a box of cornflakes, and sprinkling it all over the floor because if the burglar came, it would crunch and I would hear him, but he didn’t come. The rain came instead [laughs] and she (Phylicia and Debbie’s mother) never said no. She never chastised us for being creative. She never did.”

Afterward, Sway responded, “Look at the result now, this is worthy of applause. Phylicia Rashad.” Perry, Fox, and Webb joined in to clap as well.


A Fall From Grace also stars Mehcad Brooks (Shannon) and Cicely Tyson (Alice), to name a few. Watch it when it debuts on Netflix Friday, January 17.



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