Meet Janee' Brown: The Woman Behind Pieces Of A Woman: A Short-Story Collection of Womanhood Stories

Janee’ Brown is the Founder & Senior Publisher of Open Book Publishing. Her woman-owned and operated publishing house recently celebrated the launch of its inaugural book Pieces Of A Woman—which is a “for us, by us” project telling women’s stories to empower women. A dream Janee’ says “came about during the pandemic.”

BSM’s the ‘Twins of Media’ Trisha, and Tasha spoke with the woman behind the vision of the short-story collection of Womanhood to gather her thoughts on what this book means to an audience who see themselves in each chapter of the women’s lives written.


Meet Janee' Brown: The Woman Behind Pieces Of A Woman: A Short-Story Collection of Womanhood Stories
Open Book Publishing


Q: As the founder of Open Book Publishing (OB Publishing), please tell us about your company and why you created it.

A: I developed Open Book Publishing to create a platform for authors to create a fresh narrative of culture through the art of authentic storytelling. Missioned to revolutionize communities with a pen and paper; Open Book Publishing offers premium publishing services to authors of purposeful books while allowing authors to maintain 100% of their royalties. Our authors follow “The OBP Way,” our three-step process for publishing: Project Management, Production, and Promotion.

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Q: Congratulations! The inaugural book series for Pieces Of A Woman debuted on May 3rd. Who is your audience, and what can readers look forward to in reading the collection of women’s short stories?

A: Thank you so much; Pieces Of A Woman has been a recent dream of mine that came about during the pandemic. I believe it’s time for women to share their stories from their own perspectives, and society is open to learning the female experience from the voice and truth of that woman.

Pieces Of A Woman is a short story collection of womanhood stories sharing the female experience with a priority on relationships, self-discovery, health, religion, and community. Readers will experience a glimpse into the value women infuse into multiple facets of life and learn how various social constructs impact women. 


Q: How does your publishing company help women see themselves through storytelling?

A: Open Book Publishing is a minority and female-owned and operated publishing company. The unified all-female team respects freedom of expression.

Through Pieces Of A Woman, Open Book Publishing has created a platform for women’s voices, experiences, and perspectives to be highlighted and showcased. Through the sharing of these stories, it allows women to create their own narrative and redefine society standards, and silence myths.


Q: What do you look forward to with Pieces Of A Woman, and what has this experience taught you?

A: Throughout the curation of Pieces Of A Woman, I have realized womanhood is an evolving journey. There isn’t one way to be a woman, and the female experience directly shapes and influences culture and society.

With the release of Pieces Of A Woman, I look forward to the “aha” moments when readers become introspective, assess themselves as women or an individual in relation to a woman, and consider an alternative way to view the world around them and how it impacts women.


Q: In your words, why should people read Pieces Of A Woman?

A: Within Pieces Of A Woman, all readers will find a glimpse of themselves in the pieces of the six distinctively different short stories. As you read Pieces Of A Woman and journey through womanhood with the six authors, you will simultaneously embark on your own human journey of self-discovery.


Meet  Janee’ Brown here.


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Meet Janee' Brown: The Woman Behind Pieces Of A Woman: A Short-Story Collection of Womanhood Stories
Open Book Publishing

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