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Wednesday, July 21st, marks the one year anniversary of, the non-profit organization that was launched in response to brutal attacks around the country. Co-founded by Grammy-winning artist Macy Gray and music executives Charyn Harris and Grace Blake, the foundation is dedicated to supporting the families of victims of police brutality as they face many unfortunate challenges after the death of a loved one, including emotional and financial support as they move forward.

Since last July, My Good has raised funds through charity endeavors, including it’s initial launch at Richard & Demi Weitz’ Quarantunes, the invite-only zoom events created during Covid-19 to help raise funds for nonprofits. Gray also hosted a virtual Halloween bingo event, bringing on celebrity friends such Wanda Sykes, Jimmy Jam, Jill Scott, and Sheila E. for a fun-filled evening that raised funds for the organization. My Good has also partnered with sustainable footwear company Twins for Peace on a genderless sneaker line that will donate a portion of sales back to the foundation.

Throughout the last year, Gray and team have connected with families all over the U.S., by starting conversations with families who have lost ones…from those highly profiled in the media to those that were not. Police brutality doesn’t discriminate and My Good is not anti-police. My Good was able to provide financial assistance to several families to cover bills for utilities, health insurance and housing for one mom who after the loss of her son was living in her car. The foundation is in constant contact with new and existing families as to how they can continue to help.

Throughout the year, My Good held a Holiday Gift Drive for over 35 families, and awarded 12 mothers a financial gift in honor of their loved ones. They have secured health insurance and negotiated hospital and ambulance bills for a mother in Northern California.

Extremely important to Gray is the mental health component and helping the families heal post-tragedy. My Good launched it’s inaugural three month mental health initiative in May, which highlighted the importance of self care and promoted the need for physical, mental, and emotional health. During May they collaborated with the Mothers of Professional Basketball Players as they recognized Mother’s Day and the importance of their cause and mental health. Other collaborations have included working with the Oscar Grant Foundation and the Truth Hope and Justice Initiative. The foundations’ next fundraiser will be in it’s second annual Halloween event in October.

“It is truly unbelievable what we have done in a year,” says Gray. “I founded My Good out of the sheer necessity to help these families. From the bottom of my heart, I will do whatever it takes to help those suffering in whatever form possible. Mental health and financial assistance is a large portion of what we do, but even having 1:1 conversations with these mothers, I feel as though we can help make a small difference.”

Co-Executive Directors Blake and Harris echo Grays’ thoughts with “as we started diving deeper into this area, we discovered that there is a sense of urgency for this cause, as there are nearly 1,000 families annually that lose a loved one in this manner. This has been going on for many, many years and we only hear about a fraction of the cases. There is truly more of a need than is imaginable for the many unheard families and we are hopeful that we can garner the funding to support their healing. The empty chair at the dining table is always going to be the empty chair at the dining table. Healing, in time, does happen, but that memory and that loved one is never going to be replaced.”

Donations to can be made through their website or Facebook page. All donations made are tax exempt in the U.S.

Source courtesy of My Good

Photo Credit: Giuliano Bekor