John Legend Skincare lin Loved01

Singer-songwriter John Legend spoke with CBS Mornings on January 25, 2024, about his new skincare line Loved01 (pronounced “loved one”). The brand launched last year and is available all over the country. The skincare line includes the face and body moisturizer. “Which is the best moisturizer you could possibly have, Truly I’ve had very expensive moisturizers but our face and body moisturizer which is affordable and accessible for everybody,” says the 12-time Grammy Winner to the morning hosts.

“We’re so proud of it we launched it early last year it’s been doing so well.”

Host Gayle King asked the Ordinary People crooner “What made you go into skincare?” Legend responded “Well, I love skincare I’ve collaborated with skincare brands all the time, but I wanted to do something myself and we felt like there was a need for skincare that was targeted toward melanin-rich skin because a lot of aren’t developed with us in mind.”


John Legend skincare line Loved01


King then mentioned that Chrissy Teigen (Legend’s wife) has great skin and asked, “Did you consult with her about any of this?” The Voice coach and EGOT winner responded, “I consulted with her, and she uses it she uses my exfoliating cleanser all the time she uses the moisturizer all the time she loves it and she’s been part of our campaign as well.”


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Legend is also the father to four beautiful children: 7-year-old Luna Simone, 5-year-old Miles Theodore, and Esti Maxine, born on January 13, 2023, welcoming via cesarean section, and son Wren Alexander, born on June 19, 2023, via a surrogate.

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