Jamie Foxx Post "Stay blessed!" In a Recent Tweet Amid Recovery

It appears Jamie Foxx is surfacing back into public life his way. The notoriously private actor was reportedly photographed by media outlets Sunday on a boat waving to onlookers, who shouted his name. Foxx shared a message on Twitter with no photo of his own attached.

Boat life ?  Celebrating summer with @brownsugarbbn 

Stay blessed!

The update on the singer and comedian comes amid rumors of Jamie’s overall health and his return to public life, with many fans waiting for a LIVE social media post to ease their concerns that he is actually okay.

Foxx fell ill on April 10 in what his family described as a “medical complication.” When he was hospitalized, he was due to arrive on set in Atlanta for his film “Back in Action” with actress Cameron Diaz. Production on the movie wrapped days afterward using a stunt double in Foxx’s place.

Whether Foxx discloses any of his recovery status or shares photos of himself anytime soon, we hope he’s easing back into the world on his own terms, and we wish him nothing but great health.