Grief and Wellness Coach Nickcole Byrd Gives Women The Tools They Need To Heal

Nickcole Byrd says, “Acknowledge the grief and emotions you have. You should have emotions.” It’s one of a few all-important pieces of information she provides in this interview turned podcast.


Byrd, who is the founder of 700 AD (After Death), a space she creates where women can experience both community and emotional support, includes recognizing the more in-depth the bond, the more profound the grief as ways to process it. Adding grief is only supposed to be a visitor in your home and your life. If it becomes a resident, it can become a mental disorder like depression. Listen to more of our interview with author Nickcole Byrd of the book “The Widow’s Oil” here.



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By Twins of Media @bsm_mag

Photo courtesy of Courtesy of 700 AD