Gabrielle Union to her Daughter Kaavia "Your Hair Grows to the Sun"

Your hair is so beautiful!

Gabrielle Union said to her daughter Kaavia as she celebrated her beautiful natural hair in a recent Instagram post. “Teaching @kaaviajames to love every part of herself is a full time job with no days off, but I approach it as an act of love,” says the actress.



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The entrepreneur mentioned how black kids, particularly black girls in her post, are immediately compared to inter and outer-race beauty standards.

“From the time Black girls are born, folks are checking our ears and nail beds to see how dark we might be or the incessant commentary about what “grade” of hair our kids might have. All our parts are up for discussion and often times, scorn.”

“I want Kaav to feel beautiful and powerful in EVERY room she walks into no matter who is standing next to her. Her beauty, her power, her love, is HERS. I want her to be free of Eurocentric beauty ideals and embrace all our glory. She will know that loving all of herself in no way diminishes the love that others have for themselves. Being unique and amazing arent qualities reserved for a few, they are our birthright and we claim it.”

The founder of her haircare line Flawless by Gabrielle Union thanked author Jazmyn Simon for the inspiration she provides to her and Kaavia while encouraging others to get the book.

? PS: THANK YOU @jazmynsimon your book “Most Perfect You” is a HUGE help and I’m thankful it’s Kaavs current obsession!!! Pick up a copy folks!!

We love that Kaavia embraces her “puffy” hair as she describes it to Union. Cuteness overload.

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