Don Cheadle Reveals He Had a Pandemic Wedding

During an interview on Wednesday, Don Cheadle revealed he married his long-time partner Bridgid Coulter during the pandemic.

In a recent interview on “The Ellen Show,” Cheadle spoke with guest host Wanda Sykes about his pandemic wedding where the two recounted their text exchange of the news.

Don Cheadle Reveals He Had a Pandemic Wedding
Photo Credit: Michael Rozman /Warner Bros.

The subject of the wedding was prompted by Sykes when she told Cheadle she owed him an apology for her reaction to the news.

“You texted me at the top of the year, I guess, and you told me that you just got married, and I was like, ‘Oh damn, the pandemic got to Don and Bridgid,’” said Sykes. 

She explained that part of her confusion was due to her thinking the couple had already been married. 

“I was like, ‘What the hell happened, man?’… I think I just texted something back, like, ‘Hey, if you’re happy, I’m happy for you.’… I was like, ‘Cheadle went Hollywood,'” Sykes continued. 

“Yeah, I mean, that’s understandable given that we’ve been together 28 years before we got married,” responded Cheadle.

The couple has been together for 28 years prior to their marriage and has two daughters together. 

Photo Credit: Rich Fury/Stringer/Michael Rozman /Warner Bros.