5 Ways To Be Happy On Social Media

Many of us can spend our entire day scrolling news feeds, profiles, or pages. Before we know it, hours have gone by, and we’re left feeling bad about ourselves based on someone else’s WONDERFUL life we’ve become attached to in our heads. What good is social media, if when we jump online, we feel defeated? To help recenter our thoughts into anything mirroring elated energy, here are five ways to be happy on social media.


Value— Know you’re worth or how valuable you are before you engage on social media. Assess what’s great about you and what you have to offer to a community of people. Decide early on that not everyone will get what you have to say or your platform for that matter. With a mass amount of people engaging on the web, find the thing that connects you the most to the audience that appreciates the content you provide.


Limit reading— Huh, isn’t reading fundamental? It is, and great you’ve paid attention to being told so in school. However, I’m talking about limiting the number of comments you read online. Let’s face it, a person can come across a couple of negative, (mean-spirited) remarks, and, now, their mood becomes anything but joyful.


Choose healthy— Pick your social media interests like you do your fruits and veggies. No one wants rotten (unwanted) or spoiled produce, so why would anyone make themselves a part of any community of people who don’t encourage healthy thoughts or messages. Soon you will find yourself less jovial and your energy depleted of anything that does not foster growth. We are what we eat. We are also what we ingest through seeing, hearing, or engaging with people who embrace misery over happiness. 


Real Life— That’s right! It’s the environment outside of the clickety-clack we’ve all become accustomed to on social media. Real Life interactions can redirect our energy online. Think about the last time you enjoyed a great lunch and conversation with a friend? Instead of typing the infamous, and often annoying (to some) wyd? Wouldn’t it be nice to lay eyes on someone other than seeing the last five selfies he or she posted in under an hour? There is something to be said about giving hugs and hearing the voices of people in actual time. A lot happens in our world offline so much so, it provides for great material when we happen to go online and share (to our discretion) the stories to the community of people willing and appreciative to listen or read.


Follow Authentically— What is the real intention when you follow someone online, do you follow someone expecting an instantaneous ditto reaction, or is it more about the experience for you? Our expectations online play a significant role in the happiness we feel. Following someone’s page should come with the notion that no one is obligated to return the favor. It’s nice when they do, but it’s also nicer if we are mature in our reasons why we are interested in a particular person or thing. Know your plans online. Does it come with selfishness or heartfelt motivation? One’s happiness should never be dependent on a person or group following back. Go back to number one on this list if you need to remind yourself who you are on and offline.


By La Tasha T.

Feature photo: Briana Morrison