3 Ways To Practice Healthy Engagement on Instagram

It’s easy to become enthralled in the many profiles that exist on Instagram. To the point where you can find yourself realizing hours (yes, that much time) has passed. The likelihood is you have logged on today. If so, consider these three ways to engage healthily on Instagram.

Know yourself first — It may sound routine in language, but having a solid idea of who you are as a person helps you to navigate in a socially driven online world. Are you bringing to the table your talented, smart, funny, resourceful self, or do you allow persons on the gram to make you feel bad because you’re now traveling the world or wearing high-end fashions by celebrities or influencers? Having a positive image of who you are, well before you follow anyone, can determine the types of people you engage with, which can also guide you to appreciate their successes along with yours.

Perceive with both eyes open — Remember, most people will post their best moments even when they may not feel so great at the time. While it’s okay to love someone’s lifestyle, it’s also best to keep an open mind. Look at an Instagram page for authentic viewing rather than stare at it where it leaves you empty and unhappy. Balance the time between what you see online and what you see good about yourself in real-time. 

Think before you comment — This is important because there are too many comments circulating on Instagram that are harmful to the recipient, those viewing and whether you realize it or not, yourself. Failing to read to understand anyone’s post and making judgmental remarks tell more about where we are. Ask yourself, does it benefit you to engage in unhealthy conversations? It may make you feel good momentarily, but your ill-intended comments will remain on the minds of those who saw it. As the saying goes, misery loves company, and it applies to Instagram just the same. If you find yourself wanting to make these types of interactions, it may be time to refrain from social media until you can respond to someone in a well-rounded and healthy manner. 


By BSM Team

Feature photo: Rachel Murray/Getty Images