Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold Team Up for a New Talk Show

Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold will come together for a new talk show. The lifelong friends, who first began working together as teens, will host the “tentatively titled Tisha & Tichina Have Issues.” The new show will provide a new take on celebrity interviews.

The  Martin alums will film the show from their respective homes where they welcome “a celebrity or public figure for an intimate and candid discussion.” The spin is the guest will be “joined by one of their closest or oldest friends or confidants who can help provide a fresh perspective and inside accounts as they discuss everything from never-before-heard personal tales to current events.”

Campbell and Arnold’s friendship started when the two first made their film debut in the Little Shop of Horrors in 1986. Besides Martin, both have enjoyed equal, and individual successes on other television shows like Everybody Hates Chris (Arnold) and My Wife and Kids (Campbell).

“Tichina and I have worked together and known each other so long…we finish each other’s jokes!” Campbell tells ET. “I’m happy that me and my bestie will have the opportunity to create and enjoy a platform where our audience can get intimate with us — and when our celebrity guests come through, they can bring on a friend so we can all get to know them in a more fun, open and candid way.”

“I am pleased to be working with Thinkfactory and my long-time friend and colleague Tisha Campbell on our dream project,” Arnold adds. “Never before has television played a greater role in our communities, and I feel certain that connecting through our brand of positivity and laughter is sure to shine through to our forever faithful fans.”

Campbell and Arnold’s most recent collaboration is the Soul Train Awards they’ve hosted for three years. Both will executive produce the new show and Andrew Jameson (Power), and produced by ITV America’s Thinkfactory Media (Marriage Boot Camp; Rat in the Kitchen).

Tisha & Tichina Have Issues is in development to be shopped to networks and streaming platforms soon.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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