Tamron Hall "The Most Fashionable Woman on Daytime Television"

Tamron Hall is who you watch for her talk show Tamron Hall Show and for what she is wearing.

The Emmy-winning host certainly has a flair for fashion, discussing a serious topic, or providing an entertaining story on her show. Hall wears clothing that makes her feel good from the inside and out from designers like Victor Glemaud, Saint Laurent, or Jacquemus, and it shows. The fact she uses “emerging designers, runway artistry, and work by creators of color” adds to her likeability. With no rules for wearing what others may deem too dressy for daytime or other on-air dressing preferences, Hall is comfortable and confident in how she appears on television when it comes to fashion.

“They help me feel confident and just safe in my skin,” Hall shared on the phone from Manhattan. “It’s your heart, your mind, and all the other things that you bring to the table, but great fashion does provide that boost.”

Tamron Hall "The Most Fashionable Woman on Daytime Television"
Photo Courtesy of Tamron Hall Show


The Luling, Texas native, took from the confident women in her family and how they carried themselves as models for her fashion style. They put on their “glamorous outfits” for Sunday service each week.

“I was raised in the Southern Baptist Church, which includes the Bible, good hats, and a lot of color in your clothing,” says Hall. “My mother and my aunt were not wealthy women, of course, but on Sundays, they expressed their fashion identity. Ironically, it was in church. [My grandmother] was known for her hats, which would be the talk of the town each Sunday.” Hall recently shared a photo of herself at seven years old wearing a three-piece crop top suit, underscoring her lifelong love of fashion. “I’m not sure about the top being appropriate, but it was cute!” she says. “Appreciation for fashion has always been part of the fabric of my life, pun intended.”

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Photo Credit: Jeffrey Neira, Courtesy of Tamron Hall Show

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