4 Ways To Celebrate You While Celebrating Tyler Perry

What would Madea say about all of the fanfare surrounding the expansion of Tyler Perry studios? Hellur!!

We couldn’t resist adding in the popular character Perry created in 1999 who went on to become a household name from stage plays to television and film. Madea’s over the top personality provided audiences with lots of laughter. Part of Perry’s inspiration for the character came from Eddie Murphy’s performance in “Nutty Professor II: The Klumps.” How many of us have been inspired by a relative whose personality became our creative muse? It’s what Perry did to create plays, television characters, and movie roles before he became the first black man to own a studio. Of course, be happy about his achievement because it’s a big win. Perry never gave up. It’s the reason we’re giving you four ways to celebrate you while celebrating Tyler Perry.

Talent—It’s the thing we’re born with that can get misconstrued when the world sets a time frame for our success. You made it! Determines if what already belongs to us is now a hot commodity for people who didn’t know we existed before. The good news is you don’t have to wait for someone to tell you. You made it the moment you took your first breath. And Tyler Perry made it long before distributing the hottest tickets in town, in Atlanta, GA a few days ago.

Acknowledge and Move Around—You ever scroll through social media and look up and hours have passed? How easy is it for us to live vicariously through the lives of others in looking and commenting. So much so, we may be giving away precious time to complete the book we started months ago or calls that bring us closer to the idea that is collecting dust on our vision board. Let us go ahead and acknowledge Tyler Perry and others we admire, so long as we don’t forget to move around. Get in your time to do YOU!!

Share before they share— Their fingers must have gotten stuck on the share button. How funny is this thinking as reasons why people don’t share your stuff? How can we expect others to share if, first, we don’t do it ourselves? You’re right where you should be. There’s no need to make people do what’s not in their hearts yet. Tyler Perry rewrote one of his earlier plays, “I Know I’ve Been Changed “numerous times with little to no fanfare. It starts from within who you are. Share and be proud of your works. Let everyone else catch up later. 

Inner circle—The best way to keep your energy going in good and challenging times is through the company you keep. Decide who is for you not only when life is good but when you need that stern but loving pep talk to keep going. They are the ones who pray for you and your success and are equally happy to see your dreams realized. Plenty of people celebrated Tyler Perry’s studio expansion, but he didn’t get to where he is without a solid inner circle of loved ones.


Celebrate who you are. Congratulate the things you’ve achieved and share the good news to yourself. Hellur!!



By La Trisha M. and La Tasha T.— “Twins of Media”

Feature photo: Tyler Perry/Getty Images

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