Michael B. Jordan Apologizes for Cultural Appropriation Remarks Over New Rum Brand

Michael B. Jordan issued an apology via his Instagram stories in response to the backlash received from the name of his new rum brand J’Ouvert. Rapper Nicki Minaj provided Jordan with its history in a post that read.

“I’m sure MBJ didn’t intentionally do anything he thought Caribbean ppl would find offensive— but now that you are aware, change the name & continue to flourish & prosper.” 🙏🏾🇹🇹 #jouvert

The post includes the historical background on the meaning of the word offensive by Trinidadians like Minaj, born on the Caribbean Island.


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Jordan hearing the concerns of Minaj and many from the region and in general had this to say in addressing the cultural appropriations accusations.

I just wanna say on behalf of myself & my partners, our intention was never to offend or hurt a culture (we love & respect) & hoped to celebrate & shine a positive light on. Last few days has been a lot of listening. A lot of learning & engaging in countless community conversations.

We hear you. I hear you & want to be clear that we are in the process of renaming, We sincerely apologize & look forward to introducing a brand we can all be proud of.

We applaud Jordan for quickly taking responsibility for something he initially didn’t know would be offensive when he debuted his rum line. But, even more is the lesson and support Minaj conveyed maturely. No cancel culture or dragging anyone under the bus. We’re all here to help each other thrive.

How have you handled apologizing to someone or a group for lack of education on the subject matter? Comment @bsm_mag.

Photo Credit: Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET