How Celebrities Like Spike Lee Are Spending Their Time Amid Election Results

Famed screenwriter and producer Spike Lee took to Instagram Wednesday to share how he’s spending his time amid the presidential election votes’ tallying.

The award-winning film director shared an image of him wearing a mask on his knees in a prayer position with the words, “Dear God, I Ask You To Please Deliver Peace,Righteous And Truth. God Bless Da USA. Prayers,Spike Lee. Da People’s Republic Of Brooklyn,New York.”

Other stars like the actress, The Real co-host, and RHOBH Garcelle Beauvais provided a break from tense emotions by sharing a funny meme Tuesday. It read. “Waiting For Election Results Is Like Waiting For A Grade On A Group Project. I Know I Did My Part Right, But I’m Scared Yall Messed It Up.” See Instagram post here

How are you spending your time waiting for the election results?

Photo Credit: Rex Features