3 Celebrities Most Relatable "Parenting" Instagram Posts

Nothing connects a follower to their favorite celebrity than something relatable. Sometimes it’s fun to see what they post and what you have in common. Take ‘The Real” co-host Garcelle Beauvais who shared this funny post Thursday.

“I asked my son to get me a Sprite with one ice cube…. I swear” ? #damnkids

Haven’t us moms said something similar, and our kids were technically right Lol.


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Comedian, actor, and entrepreneur Kevin Hart shared last month his oldest son Hendrix is now taller than him.

“My son is officially taller than me now ??? all pictures will be taken seated from this date on” ??? #Harts

What parent can’t eventually relate to looking up at their offspring? Right!?


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Kelly Rowland, who is pregnant with her second child with husband Tim Weatherspoon, does what most parents of young children do, sneak in time to kiss and hug even if the children are nearby, but in this case, son Titan is a part of their couple’s dance.

“Video Dump: Top of Quarantine, when you’re making forts, and trying to have a moment with yo’ husband….and the kid cuts in.”

We say, Too cute!


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Photo Credit: Garcelle Beauvais/Instagam