What Men Want Review

Wouldn’t it be nice if women, just women had a super power?!!!! Which would you choose? Flying, teleporting or being some sort of mystical creature? There are so many powers to choose from, but girl I stand with Alison “Ali” Davis who is played by Taraji P. Henson in her movie “What Men Want.” In this movie you’re going to wish you had the ability to read minds. Now she could only read the minds of men, what could be a better super power? I got a chance to see the exciting movie before it hits all the theaters today. I was so excited to see the film because I thought it would be an interesting twist from a black woman’s point of view and it’s Taraji P Henson! Before I actually saw the film I didn’t foresee too much to the point where I might have predicted the entire thing.

I went with an open mind and perspective and just simply wanted to laugh and see some eye candy. The theater was packed but you could instantly tell it was a chick-flick. There were groups of girlfriends getting together ready to have fun and laugh. It was so packed I had to sit in the front of the room, not my ideal seat but had plenty room. As the popcorn bags were rumbling and candy boxes rattling, the movie soon began. I did expect there to be previews of other movies just like any film you’re about to see but it didn’t quite start that way. I shook it off as the movie began and sunk into my seat.

The movie starts off with (Ali Davis), a strong and ambitious sport agent living her daily life when things start to take a turn at her agency. After a bad day she blows off steam with her friends and she meets “Sister” played by Erykah Badu. Now I feel like everyone was anxious to see the legend of neo soul put her acting skills to the test. This had to be my favorite part of the movie because, “Hello Erykah Badu.” The part where Ali and Sister meet is where everything started to get pretty interesting. Honestly everyone in the room grabbed their stomachs and wiped tears from their eyes because the movie was actually funny. Throughout the movie there was some predictable moments but as the climax kept rising, it made up for it so it didn’t lose too much of anyone’s attention.

What Men Want Review
Photo Credit: Jess Miglio

There was cute eye candy in the movie that I could not get over like, Kellan Lutz, Max Greenfield and we cannot forget the show stealer Aldis Hodge! Aldis Hodge came in and certainly romanced the entire film, playing a character by the name of Wil, who seemed to make her finally submit to trusting and believing in real love. No spoilers, but you have to see the movie!

In the movie you watch Ali struggle as a strong successful black woman through a male driven career. Of course by the end of the film she finally understands her self worth and what she is capable of doing to remain successful. I really enjoyed the film and it inspired me to push through as a black woman in this male driven world. I recommend a girls’ night to watch, laugh and to remember how important self-worth is. Once the film was over, I pondered on the fact that her nick name was “Ali” and thought, she was truly a fighter!


By Desirae K Alexander

Cover photo: Jess Miglio

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