Texas Greek Picnic 2019

Houston, Texas – This past weekend I’ve had the pleasure to attend several events based upon Greek unity and fellowship. Many sororities and fraternities around the world look forward to The Greek Picnic every year. Showcasing their chapter and highlighting the characteristics that make them stand out. A weekend full of food, laughter and strolling of course and nevertheless still giving back to the community. While we work hard we play even harder there’s nothing more exciting than showing up and showing out with your sorority sisters.

Texas Greek Picnic this year was hosted at Peggy Park in Houston’s very own Third Ward. While the picnic is only a portion of the many events happening during the weekend this is also the main purpose. The picnic is held all day from 1pm- 8pm, during this time there is a stroll off that any chapter can participate in for the chance to win money for their University and of course Bragging Rights! Teams were judged based upon creativity, enthusiasm, synchronization and difficulty. Only 6 members from each organization were allowed to participate.

Texas Greek Picnic 2019
Photo Credit: Deziree Propes


Each year TGP brings something new and more exciting, the lineup is always different. Allowing new and old Greeks to become acquainted with one another and to mainly see what it’s like at other Universities. Although one may be a part of the same organization we don’t necessarily do things exactly alike. This will be my second year attending TGP and I had a wonderful time meeting other chapters and thinking of ways to collaborate on events during the fall semester.



By: Aaliyah Ford

Feature Photo: Chioma

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