Nikki P. Cooper: Author Of Chocolate Covered Gratitude With Blessings on Top

Nikki P.Cooper is the author of Chocolate Covered Gratitude With Blessings on Top. It is a book that teaches children how gratitude for life’s simplest offerings can be the beginning of creating a life of purpose, abundance, and love.


Being an author is just one of my many blessings. Some of my other blessings include being grateful for who I choose to be as a restaurant owner, wife, mommy, daughter and best friend.


This colorful children’s book centers around the character Davis who starts and ends her adventurous day with gratitude. Nikki, not only captured the innocence of the children Davis’ age— but she also, beautifully, outlined the importance of teaching our kids that gratitude and kindness goes a long way. Chocolate Covered Gratitude With Blessings on Top is a book every child from the ages of 3 to 12 should read. It masterfully teaches children two important words “Thank you!”  And it is a must have for households, classrooms and libraries across the globe, as it encourages children to read and to show gratitude.

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