Selfcare is one of the most important things a person should think about. It is important to take care of our mind, body, and soul every day. Learning how to eat right and reduce stress is one of the key things a person needs to maintain good health. Yes, it may be hard to keep up with self-care but we can always start off little by little. Here are a few things we can modify in our daily lives to better ourselves and promote self-care. 


  • A good night’s sleep 

Having a good night’s rest is important because it has an effect on how a person feels emotionally and physically. Try to stay away from caffeine and sugar before bedtime because it will likely keep you awake. Also, clear your room of any distractions like the television, laptop or your cellphone. Lastly,  dark shades or window blinds help to block the sun if you opt not to wake up early in the morning. 


  • A good diet 

 Watching what you eat is very important because a bad diet can have an effect on how a person feels over time. Eating more home cooked (well balanced) meals is healthier than take out or fast food. 


  • Exercising  

Daily exercise is healthy and good overall. It helps to boost a person’s mood, reduce stress and anxiety. A few things you can do is walk around your neighborhood or take up a yoga class.  


  • Self- care trip 

Taking a self-care trip is basically going away for the weekend and disconnecting from the world, relaxing and rejuvenating. This is the time you do something for yourself and not worry about anything else. 


  • Being organized 

 A part of self-care is being able to have everything organized such as appointments and responsibilities. Keeping your life organized is very important to your health though it may take some time to put things in its proper place. 


Remember to take long walks and hot baths. Enjoy going out to see a good movie or wake up earlier than usual and practice deep breathing. These are just a few things that can keep a person feeling at peace with oneself and healthier in the long run. 




Written By: Jasmin Urquiza Montiel

Feature Photo: Social Worker

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