In less than 24-hours, devastation took place in the Bahamas when Hurricane Dorian wrecked the entire country, causing civilians to be without and seeking support during this difficult time. Actress Reese Witherspoon is asking for others to lend a helping hand for the Bahiman people affected. In an Instagram post Friday, Witherspoon shared a picture of one of her children in the Bahamas. She wrote of all of the memories that took place there with her family, and how she met some of the “most loving Bahamian people.”

Since the catastrophe, the death toll is rising tremendously in the Bahamas meaning it will take more than one resource to help those who escaped the storm. In the post, Witherspoon asks her fans to open their “huge hearts” and “pray for these families, donate if you can and support any relief efforts.” The Draper James founder recommended World Central Kitchen and the Abaco Relief Fund as good options to donate. Resse isn’t the only celebrity to use their voice in helping the residents of the Bahamas. Other’s include singer Rhianna who also used her social media platform to reach the people.

Rhianna’s charity ‘The Clara Lionel Foundation’ is in the process of providing aid for those in need. “It breaks my heart to see the complete devastation the hurricane has brought,” said the Fenty CEO. Rapper Ludacris will also be lending a helping hand to the Bahamian relief fund. He raised over $100,000 from his LudaDayWeekend event that strictly was created to collect proceeds for those who were affected during this crisis.

Imagine being in the shoes of those affected and how it would feel without any assistance. Anything can help! And there are many wonderful organizations contributing to the aid of the Bahamian people.




By: Aaliyah Ford

Featured Photo: Jason LaVeris | Getty Images

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